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It’s already spring here in Vancouver! If you want to get out and get outdoors, there’s no better place to be than the Lower Mainland of BC, where you’re never far from spectacular beauty!


Vancouver is profoundly multi-cultural. Many different peoples have come to call the city home, and you can see that influence everywhere: in its food, its art, in the people on the street… but also in the traditions that have found root in the city… LITERALLY.

Vancouver is home to numerous cherry trees throughout the city that bloom in the Spring, showering the city in beautiful pink flowers. They’re absolutely stunning, and citizens of the city whose family backgrounds come from Pacific Asia recognized them immediately. In Japan, they’re called “sakura” (sah-koo-rah) and they’re the focus of many people’s memories of spring.

That’s why every year, Vancouver holds the Cherry Blossom Festival to celebrate the changing of the seasons! Take part in a bike tour of some of the city’s most breathtaking views, take a self-guided walking tour, and breathe in the spring air in one of the world’s most beautiful cities!


Stanley Park is a beautiful symbol of how Vancouver is where city and nature meet! Rather than being planned by a park architect, Stanley Park is like an agreement between the natural forest, the coastline and the city of Vancouver, offering over 1000 hectares of incredible landscapes! People love to walk or bike the seawall surrounding the park, or just explore the many lush walking trails throughout this beloved space! It’s a must-experience for anyone visiting the city. Explore the Park’s totem poles, tributes and memorials, and even its great blue heron population!

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